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Scrumptious Crumpets
...and a cup of Earl Grey, would you please?
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30th-Jan-2011 03:40 pm - K: Rules
 I actually don't dislike rules, because they keep things in order and sometimes being told what to do and what boundaries to keep within can be relaxing.  You know where you're going and how far you can go, isn't that like someone passing a map to you instead of shrugging and saying you can go wherever the hell you want?

Either way, a couple of days ago I met the computer engineer!  His name is Kanzaki Tetsuya and I must admit, I think he's a little bit cute.  I mean just a little bit, right?  He doesn't have the style or fashion sense of all the other people I know, but maybe that's why I think he's cute.  I'm getting quite sick of sassy, really.

I explained to him the rules of the game, though really there aren't any rules he has to follow other than...not running away from the project?  I certainly don't see why anyone would want to run away since I'm paying for every fucking thing, so all is well.

And again, this project is not about MATE-MATCHING, FUCKING--

I digress.

SO.  Friend-making.  Much is to be done.  I CONFESS, my methods of getting to know him for the following month will SOUND like I'm trying to date the young man, but no.  I mean what else can I do? It usually takes years of going to the same class together, going to the same extracurricular activities, "Oh! Would you like to eat dinner with me?", "Want to come over to my house and play Nintendo?" or something like that.

I know Nintendos are old, I'm old, shut up.

Wii looks fascinating and my parents have one but I don't have time for virtual exercise.

Yes, there will be lots of movies, dinners, in nice places and common places mind you, I don't mind a diner or two myself, and amusement parks and places that are all romantic or whatnot but it's all for EXPERIMENTAL SAKE!  Alright, that sounds a bit harsh, but it's sort of true.  

And he's in on it, and he's getting paid, so he shouldn't mind right?  Observation. 

I must say, I'm quite excited that after weeks of failure at finding the right person I can FINALLY begin!

Tomorrow I will call him and ask if we can go see a movie together, then go for dinner at a family restaurant.

Aw yeah.
22nd-Jan-2011 11:52 am - K: Silver
 It's tough coming in second place.

Hell, as a kid, I was always last place in physical education, watching the backs of other fucking jocks not give a shit about skinny little me ready to die.  Unlike some people, I didn't have someone who'd run slow by my side, or even someone who really did run as slow as me.  People wanted to finish the lap fast.  Nobody cared.  

 It only made me run slower.

I'll say at least I was good at biology and algebra.  Calculus fucked me over, but I had art class right after to ease my mind.  I did well in art.  I liked the teachers and they were nice to me.  

Speaking of second place though, there was that one contest on middle school.  I had been used to artists being the minority in my elementary school in Germany.  I had been used to coming in first place or being top of the class in art.  But then I went to Japan and all these kids were so good at drawing, even kids younger than me.  I entered a contest, so confident I'd come in first place.

Gotta say, I did pretty well, now that I think back.

There were a lot of good ones out there and I beat most of them. 

But for me, that first experience of being second place?  That was pretty harsh.  Especially when that fucker grinned at me with his chin held high.  I could tell. I could tell that he felt he was better than me, and it had to do with the fact that I looked European.


Anyways.  You grow up and you realize those things aren't important.  I enjoy where I am now as a fine artist.

Half a week until I meet the computer programmer.  


19th-Jan-2011 10:59 pm - K: Clouds
 An ever changing form.  Something eternal and brief at the same time.  At once, they have always existed and will continue to exist above us, but they never stay put and never stay the same.  

Is that why they draw so many towards them?  I am fascinated by clouds.  My camera is filled with pictures of cloud after cloud.  I am captivated by the shapes and the colors of the shadows.  It puts me at rest, staring at them as well.  They will almost always be there, so they won't betray you, though at the same time, it will never wait for you.

Because of that, I sometimes like to open up all my windows and paint the clouds I see.

Today, the weather has been kind. 

I've been looking for a stranger to paint.  Many have come to interview with me, but none of them are what I'm looking for, though their passion flatters me.  

...Some of them were pretty cute, too.

I digress.

I've received notice that I will be meeting another young man next week.  From what little I've been informed of, he doesn't seem to be an art student.  


I look forward to meeting him.

...Not really.  He might be boring.

Good night.
19th-Jan-2011 09:49 am - Themes: Kaldwell Riegel
cup of tea
Decided to put my LJ to use by typing up blog posts in a character's point of view to help flesh him out.  Usually one would make a new LJ account for that but I don't feel there's a need for that.  I'll just label all IC post titles with "K" before everything.  Like "K: Clouds".  Anything labelled with a K will be in the POV of my character Kaldwell Riegel, a German-Japanese 25 year old fine arts graduate who is fairly well known amongst the art world. 

Feel free to comment in the K posts.  If applicable they will be replied to in character as well, same goes with questions. :)

This should be fun.

Set Alpha

1. Clouds
2. Silver
3. Eternity
4. This does not exist!
5. Justice
6. Kaleidoscope
7. "Objection!"
8. “Now, my love…”
9. Farewell
10. Winter wish
11. Camelot
12. Fall
13. The best time
14. Dance
15. Faded photograph
16. Mirror image
17. New world
18. Cause and consequence
19. Butterfly
20. Temptation
21. Keyboard
22. Books
23. Freedom
24. “How troublesome…”
25. Mercy
26. Pick up line
27. Paper cut
28. Deception
29. Explosives, black market
30. Rules

1. “Remember, remember the fifth of November”
2. Twisted
3. Darker side of the moon
4. Repetition
5. Summer love
11th-Jan-2011 08:57 am - New Year's Resolutions?
cup of tea
SO, because thy fellow friend doth say all shall write New Year's Resolutions be they fulfilled or not, hence and therefore, I will list them :)

  1. Spread homework out and work on them properly for a few hours a day.
  • Drawing homework should be started immediately after assigned and spread out over each day.
  • Essays should be started at least a week in advance.
  2. Doing the above should lead to more sleep which is another very important goal.
  3. Work on perfecting the storyline of Karasu no Shinzou.
  4. If I can go to each breakdancing club session, at least stretch several times a week to maintain body health.
  5. Buy groceries and cook more often to save money.

To-Do List
  1. Modeste x Pyotr gift art for Kurzstoff
  2. Desideratum Cross sketches and helping Hika with neemu sketches
  3. Christmas Gift Art for Gail (This is so late :'T

I really want to accomplish 1 and 2 of my New Year's Resolutions :T  The lack of sleep kills me.

And I should also think more about the story of Karasu no Shinzou so I can update LJ with notes!

Peace out, have a great year everyone >^<9
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